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Book Recommendation - Like Flames in the Night

When it comes to Biblical historical fiction, Connilyn Cossette is one of my go-to authors. Fortunately, I discovered her pretty early-on in her writing career and have really enjoyed being along for the ride ever since. Her upcoming release, Like Flames in the Night, is the last in her Cities of Refuge series, and is my absolute favorite of hers so far. This book follows Tirzah, the youngest daughter of Moriyah and Derek (fans of this series will be intimately familiar with them) and Liyam, whose parents will also be a blast from the past for fans of Ms. Cossette. One of the things I loved most about this book was Tirzah's character. As a woman who'd grown up amidst the best spies in the land, she found a way to use her feminity to help  obtain information in a way that no man could. Her ingenuity, strength and willingness to serve were fantastic and not at all unrealistic as I've seen some Biblical novels try to do with women.

I also loved how the title came about, usin…

Welcome to Isaiah’s Legacy Blog Hop – Stop # 24

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How laundry relates to Sanctification

In our house, Thursday nights are cleaning and laundry nights. That way, we can start the weekend with a clean slate (or house in this instance). Last night, as per usual, I started a load of laundry shortly after getting home from work and then set about my chores. When cleaning was done,  I started working on dinner and while I was waiting for water to boil, I pulled out the checkbook and started paying bills. About this point, I realize I don't hear the washer anymore, so once I pour in my pasta and turn down the burner, I go to check on it since the goal is always to get 2 loads done on a Thursday. As I'm moving clothes from the washer to the dryer, I notice the washtub is still half full. Frustrated because I don't want to stick my hand in the icky water and then have to finish fixing dinner but realizing I have to so I can get the 2nd load of laundry started, I pull out the crumb cup strainer (thanks to Kent for looking up what that was called - basically the little…

Book Recommendation - The Traitor's Pawn

The most recent romantic suspense that I've read is Lisa Harris's upcoming release The Traitor's Pawn. This was a fantastic book that hit the ground running, had some great characters, an adrenaline-spiking plot-line, a good romance and of course a spiritual life lesson. Both of the main characters in this book were people of faith, but there was a great struggle with forgiving one who has wronged you severly. That was addressed very well as many struggle with this issue!
As a member of the author's influencer team, I got to interview Ms. Harris about the book. Here's how it went:

1. Did you have a favorite character in this book, or one that you resonated with a bit more? If so, who and why?

I loved writing Aubrey’s character. As a detective for the Houston Police Department, she’s strong, but she’s also vulnerable at the same time. And because what is happening around her is so personal, I was able to really explore these two sides of her.

2. Did anything happen du…