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Book Recommendation - Searching for You

I've really come to enjoy historical fiction lately and with my heart for orphans, Jody Hedlund's Orphan Train series was one that definitely  pulled me in. The final book in the series, Searching For You, releases December 4th and I was fortunate to get an advanced copy. This book tied up the series nicely and allowed us to see what happened with the youngest Neumann sister, Sophie. Sophie has found herself on her own after their caretaker took the 2 younger children she'd been caring for to the Children's Aid Society. Sophie could not imagine life without them, so she ran away to find them. Circumstances a couple of years later find her back at the Children's Aid Society, seeking shelter out west as an orphan herself.

It's been very interesting to learn a little more about this period in history through this series. I'd not heard much about the orphan train prior to reading this series and it was enlightening to see how the over-population of orphans was…