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Book Review - Grace in Strange Disguise

So, after my last book review blog post, I was actually approached by an author who asked if I would be willing to review her debut novel. Of course, I said I would - and I'm so glad that I did! I was actually very intrigued by the title "Grace in Strange Disguise", but it fits the book so well. This book is about a girl named Esther. Esther is the daughter of the lead pastor of a megachurch in Sydney, Australia. She has a good career, has finally found a man that her parents approve of and life is going very well. Then she is shaken to her core with a diagnosis of breast cancer. This diagnosis brings about a crisis of faith in Esther's life. She comes to a defining moment where she seeks out Jesus for herself and learns more about the Bible in days than she had in the years prior, in spite of the years of living in a pastor's home. This book attacks some very deep questions such as "can I still trust in a loving God when crisis arises" and "how do…

Book Recommendation - the Holly Novels

So, I think I've discovered that I'm a bit of a "book snob". As an avid reader for many years, I've obtained a certain taste for good writing. And let's face it, not all published authors are good writers. And my tastes differ from most other people, I find, and therefore I become even more of a "snob". I discovered this by joining a Facebook group called "Avid Readers of Christian Fiction". I figure that pretty well applies to me, so I joined it. I've seen a lot of recommendations for various books/authors, and so I find them at the library and try them out.... and am disappointed, by and large. Not that the books weren't good.... but they were too "heavy" or the characters weren't likeable or well developed. There was always something missing. Until I picked up the books by C.C. Warrens. I'd not heard of this author before this group, and was reluctant to try based on the other experiences.... but I kept seeing …