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Book Recommendation - When Life Doesn't Match Your Dreams

I had the pleasure of being on the launch team of this non-fiction work done by a generally-fiction-writing-author. Jill Eileen Smith is known for her Biblical Historical fiction and while she ties in some fictional accounts ("If I were 'insert Biblical character name here'" and "Imagine with me" sections), but also brings home things we can learn today from these women's stories. I'll share a little bit on what I gleaned from each story.

1. The first chapter is about Eve (start at the very beginning, right?). Ms. Smith speaks to the relationship that was broken after Eve ate the fruit. She speculates that there may have likely been broken relationship between her and Adam  - but more so, there was a relationship split from God. In all of my growing up years (and even into adulthood as I still don't have a best "girl" friend and count my husband as my only bestie), I struggled with keeping a best friend. In my younger years, there wer…