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Book Recommendation - Deadly Deceit

Author Natalie Walters is a new favorite of mine the "romantic suspense" category, and her newest book "Deadly Deceit"(which releases November 5, 2019) picks up abou 9 months after the firist book left off.  Fans of her debut novel "Living Lies" will be glad to be back in Walton, Georgia. We see some familiar faces as Lane and Charlie are side characters in this novel. The 2 main characters, Vivian and Ryan were side characters in the first book as well. If you haven't read book 1, never fear - you don't actually need any background from it for this one. However, if you did read the first one and are surprised that Vivian gets her own book, you'll love learning of her back-story and seeing some change in her (she wasn't really all that likable in book 1).

This book showed a softer side to Vivian as you learn a bit about her history and how she's grown in the months since "Living Lies". When she is called to her boss's ho…