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Book Recommendation - The Hope of Azure Springs

I've been blessed lately to be on several book launch teams. Recently, I was invited to participate in the launch of a debut for new author Rachel Fordham. Her first published novel, "The Hope of Azure Springs" releases July 3, 2018. As part of her launch team, I was able to get an advanced copy and it was fantastic! The story begins with a small, plain dirty girl who is nearly dead showing up in the town of Azure Springs. We find that many years prior, this girl, whose name is Em, came to Iowa from New York on the orphan train. Her guardian has been killed and she was wounded before she fled and found herself near death when some folks find her and bring her to Azure Springs for care. She is taken in by a family and nursed back to health, and she works closely with the sheriff, Caleb Reynolds, to find the men who attacked her and determine why. This book is a work of historical fiction, taking place in 1881, and has elements of great story across the board. There is def…